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Fallen Soul front cover 8.jpg
Skylar Morgan left her old life behind to settle in Jamaica. On her first day of school, she’s irked to find out her summer-fling, Chance, is in the same class. Along with her conflicted feelings for him, she's also forced to deal with a jealous classmate who will stop at nothing to make him hers.
As Skylar tries to work through normal teenage issues, the threat of demons, fallen angels, and witches increases. When Liam suggests he can teach her how to destroy the dangerous beings without remorse or hesitation, she takes him up on his offer. As their hunts and friendship become more unsettling, Skylar begins to question if she can trust him.
As a Soul, who is also a Nephilim, Skylar will have no choice but to rise above the darkness... or risk becoming the evil she was born to hunt.

© Copyright 2013-2021 Melissa Carty. All Rights Reserved.

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