Dear, Past Me

Dear, Past Me I hope my letter is reaching you in a time and place of joy and peace. There are so many things I need you to know. Things I feel deep down, you already know, in your soul. These days that you worry that you aren't enough, will come and go. Don't let it stop you. Your offering to the world will be different, of course. But, it will be no less meaningful and worthy of admiration. As long as it comes from your heart, and is honest to who you are. And who you are will change, and that's okay. We are meant to change, explore, learn, grow, and then change again. Those who truly love and support you will understand, for they are changing too. If they cannot, don't be too bitter or ho

Where the wild things are...

About a week ago we decided to take our cameras to the park. My daughter recently got one for her birthday (an upgrade) and we wanted to see how it handled. I use to love taking photos, but it's been a while since I've taken a picture with anything besides my phone. The day was perfect, at least for us. It was bright, but overcast and 71 degrees, with a breeze. We must've both commented several times in the couple hours we were out there, on how awesome the weather was. The park has long boardwalks that weave over the top of shallow waters (though I won't be testing that). So this felt like a great place to start. On our walk we crossed paths with couples, families, and bird watchers with ca

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